Will Baron, Publisher
Residing in the Los Angeles area and employed as a customer service manager in the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration equipment industry, Will Baron has coordinated the development of AdventWeb since its early beginnings as the Norwalk Web Group. This was a team of three lay-people who in the year 2000 pooled their talents and together produced the award-winning website for their local Norwalk Church.

Originally becoming involved in web ministry as a volunteer topic writer for the website, Will believes that the World Wide Web has a tremendous potential for communicating to the world the profound teachings of the Bible and the blessings of a spiritual lifestyle. As a former devotee of the New Age spirituality movement and best-selling author of the book Deceived by the New Age, Will has experienced first-hand how the truth of the Bible can set people free from Satanic deception and lead them to a life blessed by God. His current passion is to construct and publish cutting-edge websites to prepare mankind for the glorious Second Advent of Jesus Christ.

Rob Everett, Technical Director
A technical account manager employed by the commercial systems division of the Microsoft Corporation, Rob Everett lives in Southern California and by profession is a computer systems technologist specializing in corporate networking systems. An original member of the Norwalk Web Group, Rob has functioned as a technical administrator and a consultant for the AdventWeb project since its inception. At the Norwalk Church, Rob has functioned as the IT person and leader of the Audio-visual ministry. He was the webmaster for the beta-version of the current Norwalk Church website, which was constructed on the netAdventist content management system (CMS).

Demonstrating a passionate commitment to serving the Lord Jesus Christ, Rob and his wife Sandy reserve their annual vacation time for the task of traveling globally to meetings held by Mark and Teeny Finley, so that Rob can perform the task of maintaining the event's on-site computer network and its software. Rob's wife Sandy is a housewife and volunteer Bible worker who has been blessed with a harvest of over 25 baptisms as a result of giving personal Bible studies to acquaintances over the last 15 years.

Harvey Steck, Contract Webmaster
Currently residing in Washington State in the Northwestern part of the USA, Harvey Steck was a book and magazine editor by profession, but subsequently transitioned to Internet work. He is currently AdventWeb’s main contract webmaster. With 18 years of experience in Christian print media, the accelerating popularity of the Internet as a communication portal motivated Harvey to learn web design and HTML programming development. In 2005 he launched Steck Services, a book editing and website design service.

Harvey was the webmaster for the makeover performed on the website, which is currently AdventWeb’s cutting-edge site from the perspective of design technology. He continues to develop the Ellen White website in addition to working on other website projects for AdventWeb.

Bob Pickle, Contract Webmaster
A resident of Minnesota where he operates a website design and book publishing business called Pickle Publishing, Bob Pickle was the original webmaster who constructed AdventWeb’s website, the beta version of which was hosted on the Internet under the domain “”. Bob’s background includes working as a pastor for over 9 years with the Alabama Conference USA, and being the Education Director for the Eden Valley Lifestyle Institute located in Colorado, USA.

It was at the Eden Valley Institute where Bob learned webmastering, so that he could construct and maintain that organization’s website. For several years an apologist for the writings and ministry of Ellen White, Bob authored the book “A Response to the Video”, and was a perfect choice to be the construction webmaster for the original beta version of AdventWeb’s “Ellen White” information website.

Nancy Collier, Graphic Designer & Associate Webmaster
A self-employed graphic art and web designer, Nancy produces the display advertising artwork used by AdventWeb for promotion purposes. She also produces custom graphical designs for use on the websites and is an associate webmaster designing web pages for AdventWeb.  Nancy was born and brought up in California's silicone valley, and originally worked for her family's printing shop business where she leaned graphic design. Currently her graphic & web design business site can be viewed at  Nancy and husband Hal live in Long Beach, California, and are members of the Norwalk Adventist Church, where Nancy is currently the webmaster for the award-winning Norwalk church website  

Martin Haase, International Consultant
Residing in Germany where he is a self-employed business management consultant operating under the name OKAE Consult Ltd., Dr. Martin Haase is the founder and president of StaOnline, the German Adventist Webmasters Association. Under Martin's pioneering leadership, StaOnline has for several years held an annual webmasters forum for church and organization webmasters from throughout the Euro-Africa Division (EUD). During the session 2000-2005, Martin was the communication director for EUD, where he worked passionately to develop Internet ministry as an integral part of the outreach of the Adventist Media Center located in Darmstadt, Germany.
Rich DuBose, Pacific Union Representative
Rich BuBose in the liaison representative from the Pacific Union Conference, which has been AdventWeb’s primary sponsor. Headquartered in Westlake Village, Southern California, the Pacific Union Conference (PUC) has had a passion for Internet ministry for quite some time. Rich is the director of PUC Church Support Services, a department which has published several websites over the years, including,,,, and