Adventist Webservants Association (AWA):

A webmaster and web ministry/evangelism resource center site promoting & enabling website excellence for Christ.

Global Adventist Internet Network (GAIN):

GAiN is an international annual forum and training event organized by the General Conference for Adventist IT professionals, web ministy persons, Internet evangelists and webmasters. The event was originally called the "Global International Evangelism Network" (GIEN) Forum.

netAdventist content management system:

The netAdventist CMS was developed by TAGnet and licensed to the General Conference for use by the world-wide church and laity as an efficient and effective means for constructing, hosting, and networking church and ministry websites. 

netAserve web services:

netAserve is the agency which provides technology and training support for the netAdventist product. Services offered include server administration & support, website support & hosting, classic (FTP) website hosting, and domain registration.

NAD Adventist Church Connect (ACC):

Adventist Church Connect (ACC) is a content management system offered by the North America Division to denomination churches, schools and colleges located in the NAD territory.  ACC is administered by AdventSource.

Web Evangelism Guide (WEB):

A resource website published by Tony Whitacker, an Evangelical Christian in England and founder of "Internet Evangelism Day".

Bible Explained online Bible commentary website:

An excellent Bible commentary website that was originally constructed by the late Ted Wade, a web evangelism pioneer and dearly appreciated member of AdventWeb's "" website team.